Tuesday, January 3, 2012

school postt .

Today we came back to school from winter break .. /;
 I miss break because i got to sleep in , my best part about break was seeing my cousins from Nebraska that i neverr see , but im stil kinda happy were back because i also missed my friends ..  * --j.m .

Im glad we're back in school , because my christmas was dumb ; & i missed my frandd .. hahhha. *--k.m .

Im like so mad because i couldent sleep in! well atleast i got to see my AWESOME friends!
well my christmas was good. i finally got a pillowpet! *--s.w .


  1. what kind of pillow pet did you get?!

  2. What kind of pillow pet was it?

  3. Sleeping in is what I miss most, too. Unfortunately, I still stay up too late and then have to get up early. *Sigh*