Tuesday, January 17, 2012


* This Spring break im going to New York ,  becausse my brother is gettin interviewed for a music station . (: k.m

* i will prolly hang out with my friend china , bc we are to schoool for cool .
uhhuhh , but idk what elseee  , :)) -- j.m

* i will prolly hang out with friends , & going to church . -- s.m. ((:


  1. k.m.: im super happy for your brother hes come so far! <3
    j.m : i miss hanging out with you all the time like we used to :/ love you
    s.m.: i havnt seen you outside of school inforever! even at church! girl i love you
    you guys hvae done awesome with this i really like it (: love you all so muchhh
    <3 -ekimb.

  2. Wow, spring break isn't for awhile yet, but I'll probably just relax and, oh yeah, read a book or two. :)