Wednesday, December 14, 2011


im done pretending, so here it goes,
no, im not okay with the fact that you broke my heart,
no, im not okay with the fact that we dont talk anymore,
and to top it all off;
no, im not okay with the fact that i fell in LOVE with you in the first place.

Keep walking , keep talking. You got nothing on me . Keep smiling
because you know you cant do what i do. Keep staring , comparing. Thinking what i'd be like to be in my shoes...
cause you can't do what i do

I love you , for giving your heart to me
& trusting me with your pride.
I love you , for wanting me
and needing me by your side
I love you , for the emotions
i never new i had.
I love you , for making me smile
whenever i feel sad.
I love you , for your thoughts of me
where im always on your mind
I love you ,  for finding that part of me ,
that i never thoguht i'd find
I love you , for the way you are ,
and for how you make me feel but ,
most of all ..
I love you , cause i know your mine for real <3

I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it i will stop missing you </3

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